"I know one day, all the stars will disappear, like the stars at dawn.

And all of our pain, will fade away when morning comes.

And on that day, we’ll look backwards and we’ll see that everything has changed.

And all of our trials will be as milestones on our way…

On that day, all of the scales will swing to set all the wrongs to right.

All of our tears, all of our fears will take to flight.

But until then, all of the scars will still remain. But we’ve learned if we

open the wounds and share them, then soon they start to heal.

And as long as we live, every scar is a bridge to someone’s broken heart…"

- Thrice, “For Miles"




To empower individuals, couples, and families in cultivating growth and health across all aspects of mental and emotional well-being. Through comprehensive and innovative therapeutic services, Connective Counseling works to bridge gaps between clients and their goals and build supportive partnerships for the treatment of mental, emotional, and spiritual health issues.